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Humpty Doo Hotel

Our Story

At Humpty Doo Hotel, we embody the spirit of the Northern Territory, embracing our rich history and cherished traditions. Since our establishment in 1971, we have proudly stood as the longest continually licensed premises in the region, welcoming guests with open arms from near and far. Our front bar, adorned with the largest Buffalo horns in the southern hemisphere, has become an iconic attraction, captivating visitors with its timeless allure.

Beyond our legendary bar, we offer much more to make your experience memorable. Our well-appointed accommodations provide a comfortable retreat, allowing you to immerse yourself in the heart of the Outback. Whether you’re exploring the breathtaking landscapes or indulging in our bistro’s delectable cuisine, we ensure every moment is filled with warmth and hospitality. Join us for vibrant events where laughter echoes, and friendships are forged as we celebrate the essence of pub culture. At Humpty Doo Hotel, our passion for excellence drives us to deliver an unforgettable journey where you become part of our storied legacy.

Our Chef

For nearly 15 years, Head Chef Lynette Duke has skillfully helmed our kitchen, creating outstanding dishes that have won the hearts of both locals and tourists. Indulge in the authentic flavors of the Territory with her daring crocodile burger, rich buffalo burger, and the ever-popular famous trio burgers.

Lynette’s passion for culinary excellence has made Humpty Doo Hotel a top dining destination, where each bite embodies the essence of the Northern Territory. Experience her magic and savour the unforgettable taste of the Outback!

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