Stranded animals at the Humpty Doo Hotel

Pony, cow and donkey kept at Humpty Doo Hotel after wandering free from paddock

HAVE you heard the one about when the donkey, pony and cow walked into the Humpty Doo Hotel?

They might look like an unlikely trio to roam the streets of rural Darwin late at night, but the animals wandered from a paddock to the famous pub in the early hours of this morning.

Mima the donkey, Splash the pony and Pepper the cow were spotted wandering towards the Arnhem Highway by a concerned Humpty Doo local.

The animals were rounded up before spending the night at the Humpty Doo Hotel.

Territory Duty Superintendent Louise Jorgensen said police received a call from the proprietor of the Humpty Doo Hotel at 2.45am.

“She was concerned about a small donkey, pony and a cow that were in the hotel area and running onto the Arnhem Highway,” she said.

“Apparently the donkey and the cow were following the pony.”

The animals were returned home safe and sound this morning.

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